Alexander Anyfandakis


“Peace Advocate Photography” appreciates the good side of life and provides photography & videography for all your needs, in order to document and record significant moments or events in your lives for posterity.

We are deeply passionate about our work and our inspiration is fuelled primarily through the smiles of our satisfied customers.

In our free time, whilst undertaking personal projects or commissioned work, we seek to use a combination of photography and video, primarily in order to educate and encourage people to become more active in helping to create the world that they wish to see in the future.

As the old saying goes, "a picture paints a thousand words" and our main focus is on improving the current state of society, the environment and of the planet as a whole.

The company was founded in October 2011 by Alexander Anyfandakis, a photographer / documentary film-maker from Luxembourg who "fell in love" with photography while studying for a Masters degree in "Digital Documentary".

His work has been published in the Greek National Newspaper "Kathimerini" and displayed at the University of Sussex as well as "SEE Brighton Documentary Festival".

Notable clients include:

Orchestre National de Jazz Luxembourg (ONJL),

Fagbladet Socialpaedagogen

Momenti Luxembourg,

Association des Sommeliers d'Europe,

Transition and Education for Resilient and Regenerative Agriculture (TERRA)

Center for Ecological Learning Luxembourg (CELL),

Belle Sauvage,

JAEK Clothing

Factory 12,

Dqliq Musicbar,

Monkey Drunk,

Box Social